Workshop | 0. Access | 1. Resolver | 2. Authoritative | 3. Yet Another Zone | 4. Resiliency | 5. Validation | 6. Signing | 7. SoftHSM | 8. OpenDNSSEC | 9. DNS privacy

Introduction and access to lab environment

Participants to this course are divided into teams of 2 to 3 participants, in order to have 10 to 15 teams. Teams are numbered from 0 till 15, team-0 is reserved for demonstration purposes and is used throughout this description. Each team is given access to its own set of servers, which is suffixed with -<team nr> .

Each of the servers is given a specific role, one should not mix these roles. Two of these servers are:

The machine res-0 will play the role of a caching recursive DNS resolver. The auth-0 machine will play the role of the authoritative DNS server for your team.

You can see the addresses and names of the servers of your team on the teams page.

To which team you belong will be determined during the course. You will also be working with a domain of your liking within the domain.

Connecting to your servers

Use an SSH client (such as OpenSSH or PuTTY) to connect to the res-<team nr> and auth-<team nr > machines. As username you should use root. The password will be shared with you in the class room.